Singapore – Seitee Pte Ltd is proud to announce that our pioneer technology of “NATEE - Mobile Decentralized Cloud Computing and Storage” which incubated under NUS enterprise, have been working closely with XSQ Digital and its incubated project ShuttleOne ( to form a joint venture to power the payment processing industry and its relevant fintech incumbents.

The joint venture will focus on market developments of its products and services and in tandem invest in research joint ventures in technological innovation within the blockchain segment.

ShuttleOne Legion
In the past 6 months, ShuttleOne has been developing a financial network to provide convenient and cost-efficient transactions on the blockchain for users and networks alike. The vision is to create an all encompassing modern financial network that is fully distributed and correspondingly having the computational powers to match the standards of financial network incumbents.

These include a highly efficient financial network where we harness the financial efficiencies of the blockchain and yet perform transactions that are cryptographically enabled in a trustless and distributed fashion while not compromising for speed and security.

Developed in-house, Visage Protocol, is a technologically driven privacy protection for users that operates with the ethos of being private but not secret showcases innovation to abhor to AML regulations in several wide-ranging jurisdictions.

NATEE Plexus
The team at NATEE, has evidently to XSQ and third-party evaluators developed an innovative middle layer powered by your daily mobile devices. As such, devices in our network processes payment transactions faster and with finality without the congestion of decentralized networks as we know it.

Continual work will be made to improve the number of nodes to process requirements for other industries such as A.I and Video Rendering.

ShuttleOne – Defining Value
The combination of both financial and computational networks in this joint venture allows for ShuttleOne to go to market in H2 2019 that offers partners in the payments industry and our users significant costs savings from their computational bandwidth and significant financial cost savings per transaction.

With both teams joining forces, ShuttleOne looks forward to releasing an innovative financial network in the coming few months.

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